Sunday, August 30, 2009


Megan's grandpa had just heard a newscast that upset him quite a bit. "What in the world are they doing to our country?" he muttered to himself. Faith and Megan decided to take a little break from studying for a test for their political science class. Grandpa called them over and asked if he could tell them a story, Grandpa loved telling stories, and the girls loved hearing them. "A long time ago a group of people called Landers came to a large island and decided to make it their home. In this place everyone would be free to worship The Three, His Highest Majesty, His Son Logos, the King of the Realm of Peculiar People, and The Comforter, or not worship them as they pleased. The place would be called Freedom Land. They built and grew and after some struggles and even a war they became firmly settled in their new country. They began calling themselves Citizens. The Leading Citizens soon decided it was time to develop the laws of the land and met together and established "The Document" which contained the basis for all other laws, and all the Leaders signed it. Eventually it became necessary to add some "Rules" to "The Document". Besides being the basis for the laws of the land, The Document also provided for the organization of their government. Everything went well for a long while. The Keepers made sure the laws that were inforced were based on The Document. As time went by things began to change, the Reshapers began to question what The Document really meant in various areas, many Keepers, Informers, and Citizens joined with the Reshapers. The Loyals maintained a view of The Document that the Leaders had intended, but the Reshapers and the Keepers and Informers (who were also Reshapers), pressed hard their point of view. The Reshapers, who secretly knew the true content of The Document, decided it would be in the best interest of the Citizens to "reshape" the text to best suit "the needs of the Citizens". With the help of the Informers who anounced daily the views of the Reshapers, and of the Keepers who were willing to bend and twist the words of The Document to their own advantage, the Citizens began to believe these reshapings and twistings of The Document as facts. The Loyals, who also had among them some Keepers and Informers, pressed to keep the truths of The Document intact, but the damage was done. Many Citizens had been won over by the Reshapers. Some of the Loyals, wishing to please the Citizens, became Shifters and Drifters. The Shifters shifted over to the Reshapers side, the Drifters, drifted to whichever side was the most popular to the Citizens at any given time. Lax interpretations of The Document began to have a profound effect on Freedom Land. The Reshapers, Shifters, and Drifters, started finding all kinds of things to do with the Citizens money, and collected from them as much as they saw fit. The freedom to worship The Three became sadly restricted, especially in the learning places of children, in public places, and in work places. Where once people could say what was on their mind, now caution had to be taken with words spoken for fear of being penalized. Employing Citizens who had ingenious ideas and developed them, hiring many other talented Citizens, to help with their production, came under strict regulation and scrutiny of the Reshapers, who had been given charge of Freedom Land, and had to let many Citizens go because they could no longer afford to keep them. Freedom Land was losing the very thing she was established for: Freedom." Grandpa got up from his big easy chair and started to walk toward the kitchen. "Wait Grandpa; is that the end of the story?" Megan asked, seeming quite frustrated. "No," Grandpa answered, "your parents, you girls, I, and every good Loyal can change the ending of this chapter; it's still a work in progress". "Getting The Three involved wouldn't hurt a bit either". "How do we get them involved?" Megan asked. "I can answer that," chimed in Faith, "just ask." "Right you are girl, right you are," Grandpa said, smiling at Faith. "Oh, and by the way, the end of the whole book has already been written, and we win," Grandpa concluded and went on to the kitchen.

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